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Gain exposure to Executive Producers from major network studios


Our collection of world class recognized credited artist join alongside up-and-coming unknown talent to generate a unique culture of innovation in the multimedia field. 

Mad Cartoons offers tools for artists to succeed in their craft. We also offer media buyers from major production studios a platform to discover already popular pilot series ready to be absorbed by your audience.

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Do you have a talent for illustration? A creative outlet that will not stop? Here at Mad Cartoons, we offer you access to a free network of growing talented artists like yourself.

Share your talents. Craft your skills. Gain access to industry decision makers. Your paintings, character studies, illustrations, story concepts, and completed pilots have a home here.

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At Mad Cartoons we take a unified approach to the digital world. In addition to entertainment multimedia, we also offer solutions across the entire device landscape.

That means if you are an accomplished Mobile Application Developer, User Interface Designer, or Full Stack Internet Developer... we can showcase your skills to high end industry clients in need of your help.

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Get Your Skills Noticed

Our industry relationships allow us to directly market your portfolio to the right people.

The Little Prince

Animated by an artist on the Mad Cartoons platform, this title was distributed after it's successful box office release by Netflix.

Brother Bear

Conceptualized by another artist on the Mad Cartoons platform, this heart warming title was picked up, produced by, and released by Walt Disney Pictures.

Life of Reign

This currently in development full length animated picture is being produced by a Mad Cartoons artist, targeting the highly successful anime market.

Tools for Artists

If you are an accomplished artist in any facet of Media, Art, or Design... we have many tools for you here.

Our platform offers your services to entry level students in your field and grants you the ability to enrich your craft by way of our MAD Tutorials.


Using the strength of interest from our viewers and the foundation of our industry relationships, we can then assist you in getting your project purchased by major media buyers from companies such as: Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney, Universal Pictures, and more!

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