Cute Cartoon Zombie Girl: Illustration Tutorial

From concept to final, it took 2.5 hours to complete.

Take a picture of the drawing and email the picture to yourself, or find an image you want to trace. Imported the picture into FlashCS6 and place it on the timeline/stage. Turn it the picture into a symbol and lowered the opacity.


Trace and ink over the illustration with the INK TOOL. I highly recommend the CINTIQ 13HD WACOM TABLET and PEN.

Coloring your illustration:

Select parts of the filled in colored sections (with the “paint selected” on), color in the details, shadows, and highlights. Working through the image by paint selecting will speed up the coloring process. To add more depth, shade and highlight on a new layer over the image. After the image is complete, turn the image into a symbol and name it accordingly. FIN!