Illustrated Poems

Creating Illustrations: “Your First Prideful Moment”

This video demonstrates how to create book illustrations in Flash.

First, draw all of the illustrations necessary and import them into Flash. With the INK TOOL and FILL TOOL, trace over your illustration and color. Finalized the placement of the images and text.

When preparing to export:

Simplify the timeline so that each page illustration is on one keyframe. If there are layered keyframes, make them one keyframe in length.
Make each page/keyframe on the timeline sequential and back-to-back.

Practice making your own Animations

I wrote this poem when I took a break from working to manage my pregnancy and then care for my newborn son.

When he was only a few months old he was very proud that he could stand. We all were. I have a brother that cannot walk, so I know how big of a deal that is.

One game my son liked to play, with my help, was to stand up, bend down to pick up a toy, and then stand up and drop the toy on the ground. Weeks and months later … he was able to stand on his own and do the same game with the toy … but all by himself! He was so proud of himself and it made me think,”We don’t give ourselves enough credit. We minimize our own accomplishments and emphasize on our own faults.”

After he was born and I started working again, this cartoon was the first one I made. I found the poem in my sketchbook, edited the poem, and then illustrated and animated the story. I wanted my son to know what he taught me, and to never forget it.