Gradient Tool Adobe Animate CC

While coloring your work, gradients are a great way to add color and depth to your drawings.

Use the TRANSFORM tool and FILL tool to move the gradient to the best spot on the character/objects.

Pick a direction of where a light source would be coming from, and keep the gradients shading consistent throughout the character/object.

Different Gradients:

Linear Gradients

To create a linear gradient, follow the same steps as given above and choose Linear from the Type drop down menu. See the screenshot given below.

Image or Bitmap Gradients

You can also create a custom image gradient and apply it to a vector object by choosing the last option in the Type drop down menu which is the Bitmap option. Choose Bitmap and import the graphic that you would like as your custom gradient.

Default Gradients in Flash

There are some default gradient styles in Flash which you can view using the paint bucket tool. They can be seen in the last row. You can use any of these styles and change the colors or delete extra colors.