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Featured Pilots

The Little Prince was animated by an artist on the Mad Cartoons platform, this title was distributed after it's successful box office release by Netflix.

Brother Bear

Conceptualized by another artist on the Mad Cartoons platform, this heart warming title was picked up, produced by, and released by Walt Disney Pictures.

Old As Dirt

This touching animated short is a part of a series which teaches children using concepts they love and relate to.

Life of Reign

This currently in development full length animated picture is being produced by a Mad Cartoons artist, targeting the highly successful anime market.

Discover Talent

Our growing pool of artists span across all facets of Media, Art, and Design. The Mad Community supports one another in continual learning as we push towards creating the next online sensation for you.

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Built in Audience

Collectively we can reach millions of viewers in highly targeted demographics. We utilize this audience to test new pilot concepts, ensuring that only the best of the best are presented to your network.

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Ready for Binge Watching

We know that you're looking for content that has an engaging story. Content that your audience will keep watching for hours on end. Our community ensures you get the best of the best.

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