Make a Christmas Bow

How to draw (easy step-by-step)

Drawing Christmas bows on your greeting cards and gifts for the holidays can add a lot of character … and they’re so easy to do! I think you’ll probably find it’s a lot easier to draw the perfect Christmas Bow … than it is to make a real one. Way less expensive too!
First, draw a small circle. This will be where the bow is tied in a knot. Make two or more fat triangle shapes for the bow. To create more of a 3D feel, add the bottom of the bow turning back into the knot/circle where the bow starts.

Draw a curving line out from the knot of the bow. Draw another line that goes parallel with the curving line. This will be the ribbon. Add as many ribbons as you’d like! Closely follow this part of the video to see exactly how I did this.
If you are drawing on paper, color in the ribbon with a base color.
Use a darker shade to add more depth to the ribbon’s layers. Highlight the ribbon with a lighter shade, or white color, on the tops of the ribbon. Adding highlights will bring out parts of the ribbon while the darker areas will add even more contrast to the eye. And then the whole image will … pop!
There … you’ve created a Christmas work of art without having to drive down to your nearest Arts & Craft store!
Happy Holidays!