Create Seamless Vector Patterns (easy)

Create Seamless Vector Patterns (easy)

Create a seamless pattern for printing

This video shows how to take an image and repeat it into a seamless pattern, ready for printing.

The Steps:

1. Make your stage size the correct size needed for printing, or make it a size that matches the required resolution.

2. Make the Image into a symbol.

3. Make a new layer and create a shape (any color) of the stage size.

4. Make a square and in the align box, you can size the image and center it with a few clicks.

5. Make the Shape into a symbol.

6. Make sure the image you are using is smaller and centered in the stage.

7. Select both the shape and image and create a symbol of both images together.

8. Copy and paste the symbols to go in a 3×3 grid. These have to match PERFECTLY to print correctly. The images can snap easily against each other.

9. Double-click on the symbol in the center.

10. Delete the shape image. It was only to make the grid of your pattern.

11. Now when you move the image in this symbol, you can see all the other copied symbols move nicely with one another.

12. As you add, copy, and move the images, you can see how the pattern will line up. If any images overlap, move the image (like a puzzle) to a spot that fits better in the pattern.

13. Double-click off any images to go to the main stage.

14. With the shape you previously made, make a new layer, and paste the shape in the center.

15. Make the layer a Mask and have the pattern layer link up to the masked layer.

16. Lock the layers to view the pattern as one piece. This image is what will be sent to print. You do not have to make a Mask layer, but it helps to view what the pattern will look like.

17. Double-click to go into the Pattern Symbol to edit how you would like. You can toss the images or make a straight line…horizontal…It will all match correctly with a 3×3 grid.

You can send or export any file type as needed.